10 Fun FREE things to do inside your house because its FREEZING out

I literally woke up one morning and my 2-year-old yelled “MOM SNOW!!” with a look of horror on her face (She obviously doesn’t know that the weather does this every year yet). So now the sweaters come out, the thick socks come out, (I actually wore my house coat to bed last night because I was so cold!) the water bill seems to get higher because of hot baths every night… It’s cold. Freezing out.


Here are 10 Fun FREE things to do inside your house because its freezing out:

  • Morning Tag – Have an island in your kitchen? PERFECT! Use it. Running gets your blood pumping. Play tag with your kids, flirt with your spouse, chase your dog! Even if this lasts for only a 5 minutes you’ve actually accomplished to smile, laugh and enjoy life so well done!

  • Tea Party – Take out that old china that you barely use and heat up the tea-pot. Your little princess in your life would love a fancy hat with tea! Talk in funny accents and maybe wear those gloves that are probably at the front door by now.

  • Read a Story – bundle up like a burrito and read a story! Reading is so good for your brain. It’s fun to cuddle with your babies and they love it so!

  • Board Games – as soon as one child is napping the other one wants mom time. So why not get those board games out and play! Kids too young to play board games? That’s fine! Make up your own rules. I play Trouble with my 2-year-old by picking your favourite colour and pushing the popper to see if you can get the colour you picked!

  • Sew – It’s a good time to fix that button on that jacket or cut up some old fabric and try making a square with an animal on it. Even if this is a one time thing or if it turns into a 10 year-long project (aka what I did) it all starts with a needle and some thread.

  • Declutter your home – winter can make us feel stuck at home surrounded by STUFF. Its time to declutter your life! Set a timer for 15 minutes and start in one room. When reviewing items think to yourself, “If my house were to go up in flames would I need this, want this, grab this on my way out?”. Then donate. There are many upcycle cites on Facebook or go to the local second-hand store.

  • Cook or Bake – Perfect time to make some cookies or even get a crock pot meal ready! Try a new recipe. If you chose to declutter your kitchen cabinets and give food to the food bank ect. then you may have found some items in your pantry that you can use! I just found jello in my cupboard the other day (and I don’t even eat jello).

  • Colour – Adult colouring books have become quite popular that last few years but kids colouring books have ALWAYS been popular! Get some pillows out and toss them by your coffee table and colour. It is relaxing and can be a really playful time weather with your kids, by yourself and even with your spouse.

  • Camera Videos – It seems like we are always taking videos because we don’t want to miss the moment but after that moment is gone we rarely come back to it. My daughter saw a pool video on her dads phone one time (literally just one single time) and now every time that he has his phone out she asks, “Pool video?!”.  We sat down at the computer and made a slide show of all the pool pictures and videos so that she could watch it and remember that time. Watching your saved videos can bring lots of joy back from those moments. So cuddle up on your couch (or maybe back in your burrito) and watch some homemade videos.


  • Lay in the Sun and watch the Snow fall – It feels so good laying in the sun and just watching outside. Taking a quite moment to just watch snow fall or the birds fly by. The sun can also make me sleepy so perhaps a quick nap as you watch the world slowly go by. Relax and enjoy the world we live in and the quiet moments in life.

Enjoy some free FUN just by being indoors today (or any day)!




**Looking for something specific? Let me hear about it! Post it in the comments below**