12 Days of #Blogmas – Day 1

12 Days of Blogmas – Day 1


CHRISTMAS!!! I can’t believe it! This time last year I was pregnant with my son wondering when my actual due date was. December 13th or December 25th? Would I have the Christmas baby?! I even blogged about it when I was overdue (after the 25th) and then shooting for the New Year’s baby and all the free goodies that come with it (check out my blog post hear to read about it). In October we started buying hot chocolate – coffee crisp hot chocolate! In November we set up our Christmas tree, started getting our Christmas cards ready,  watching Christmas movies daily and even hosted a Christmas party at our home! Now December. December 1st is when we really start to embrace Christmas (If we haven’t already)…

On the first day of Blogmas my true love gave to me… A Tour of My Christmas Tree!


My Childhood Puppy Bell

My three older sisters and I all received 1 ornament each growing up. They were all animal bells but mine was a puppy with a red bib. Our tree consisted of my mother’s ornaments she got to pick off her parents Christmas tree the Christmas before marrying my dad. I believe the amount was 10. She got to choose 10 items off her parents tree to take as her own. These 10 items, the crazy breakable bulbs, those super hot lights with “covers” and tinsel became my childhood tree. Growing up with a big family (as some may say) we didn’t have new ornaments every year so it was super exciting to take out my puppy bell and place it on our tree. It reminds me of my parents, tradition, my sisters and consistently.


Starbucks Cups

Coffee dates. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Listen, in my teen years I’ve had a few boys ask me out “for coffee”. Which is something I just don’t do. Asking me out for coffee REALLY does NOT mean going for coffee to chat and be friends and wonder how your life is because I honestly care about you. NO WAY – and you couldn’t convince me otherwise! So it surprises me (I guess) that my husband was the only man who asked me out for coffee that I said yes to. Starbucks dates became a usual thing for us. We’ve spent many hours falling in love and enjoying life together at Starbucks. We’ve tried to get an ornament of the coffee mug each year since we’ve met. These mugs have now become a staple and we’ve expanded to purchasing the actual Starbucks mugs from every trip that we’ve gone on together.


Mickey & Mini Tree

The first year that my husband and I met we became inseparable. We were always together, always doing things, always going places, always making memories. I truly found my best friend. Mickey and Mini were just made to be together and thats exactly how we are.

Chicago Bulb

In 2013 my husband won a trip to Chicago (read my blog post here about why you need a RBC WestJet Mastercard) in a super fancy hotel close to Millennium Park. The first day in Chicago we really wanted to go see the “Big Bean” in Millennium Park. (We had been watching the movie Source Code and flipped out at how awesome the Big Bean looked – side note we were also on that train!) This Bean is in a park and what’s amazing about it is that its a gigantic mirror. The whole Bean reflects the sun, city, trees and people. It’s fascinating! Now to get this into perspective my husband is calm very calm. Always calm. Nothing gets him very emotional so when we walked to the park and he had this fantastic idea to lay down under the Big Bean and take a picture facing the mirror I just gobbled up that juicy idea with enthusiasm! So here we go laying down and I get the camera out, then all of a sudden my husband flips open a sign on top of him that says “Marry Me”. Yeah I screamed. It was the BEST DAY EVER! Have you ever tried writing a sign backwards so that it reflects words properly in a mirror?! Props to him.


Vegas Ornament

Whoever says “Whatever happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” has never met my second child. My mother-in-law had a work conference in Vegas and we really wanted to go to Vegas as well so we thought we would book a trip the same time that she would be there. We just LOVED Las Vegas. We are not the gambling partying type of people but I loved the lights and the strip and the excitement! Whatever happens in Vegas clearly does NOT always stay in Vegas!


Jamaica couple

After getting engaged in the fall my husband and I thought we would like to get married in the summer. However after chatting one night we basically planned our whole wedding together and thought “Why are we waiting until the summer!?!?!” We decided to get married on Valentines Day – the Day of Love! I love Valentines day ALOT! This however affected my plans to travel to Aruba for our honeymoon. It was hurricane season so Aruba was just not an option… But Jamaica was! We booked with Sandals! Sandals is one of the most amazing honeymoon resorts to go to and we would totally book with Sandals again. They always have sales on! It was in Jamaica that I truly found out how competitive my husband and I truly are. PS: We won all five rounds of the Newly Wed Game.


My tree is full of memories of love. Love that I have for my husband and love that I’ve felt by my husband. What does your tree have? I’d love to hear about it! Post it in the comments below or share it on social media tagging @Saveymommy #Saveymommy


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