12 Days of #Blogmas – Day 12

On the 12th day of #Blogmas my true love gave to me… 12 Christmas Memories! 


(1) 2015 Christmas Tree 

My all time favourite! Our tree fell over so we through it out. Literally we put up our tree and decorated it. Then, two days later, in the evening as my husband and I were talking to each other (on different couches) TIIIIIMMMBBBBEEEERRR! Right between us! We both jumped up and grabbed the tree just before all our decorations FLEW off and broke. (they didn’t but that tree falling was super dramatic!) It was a second-hand tree and every little plastic leg had been glue gunned on (I’m sure more than once) so OUT it went. November 11th set up tree. November 13th through out tree. Day for the books!

(2) 2011 Christmas Gift

My daughter received a lovely foam chair from her aunt. This chair was soon overtaken by said aunt cat Cheemo. There’s nothing like getting a Christmas present and someone else overtakes it!

(3) Zoolights Santa

We decided to take a trip to Calgary and attend Zoolights. It was beautiful! Some of the funnest winter activities I have ever gone to. While at Zoolights you could “talk to Santa”. My daughter asked Santa for a puppy. He responded “Well, I’d have to check the by-laws”. Good one Santa – Good one.

(4) First Time Seeing Santa

I never took my daughter to see Santa but while shopping at Cross Iron Mills in Calgary, Santa was taking visitors! So It was my oldest daughter first trip to the big red chair. I wondered if she was going to be ok or if this was the end of ever “seeing strangers”.

(5) Hiking in Banff

We decided to go hiking with some friends in Banff National Park. It was beautiful! However who thought it was a good idea to drag out my seriously pregnant friend to hike up a mountain?! Obviously me!

(6) Elf Yourself Videos

Every year my husband has created the (FREE) Elf yourself videos! I think they are hilarious and watch them over and over!

(7) The Performing Arts

I watched my sister perform as a WHO in the Grinch Christmas in a church production. It reminded me of the fun time in drama class in high school. This obviously was way cooler though. So proud of her!

(8) 2014 Christmas Surprise

I surprised my mother-in-law by decorating a little bit different at Christmas. My daughter is seen with a part of the decor/surprise. So super pumped to be a big sister and so very ready to be a big sister!

(9) Finally Mary

I was so excited to hear that my daughter was placed to act as Mary in her school performance! Such a proud moment for me.

(10) 2015 Christmas Freebies Galore 

We cram-packed our Christmas with Christmas activities from everywhere. Days of Londonderry, Northgate Mall free festivities, Mr & Mrs Clause, Sherwood Park cookie decorating and craft making. The events were seriously all the time and we loved it!

(11) First Christmas

It was our second daughter’s first Christmas. She loves to be in my arms and read books. First Christmas at Grandma’s & Grandpa’s house. Something we hadn’t done before and loved it! “Baby’s First Christmas”

(12) When is He due?

I had two due dates but to confirm the ultrasound did say I was due Christmas Day. The whole December month we had no idea when our son would be born so every day was a waiting game. And… he was late.



I want to thank you. You, my faithful readers and followers. Those that have been with me from the start and those that started following throughout the past 2 years. It’s you that makes this journey fun! If there is something you’d like MORE of then I’d love to hear about it and do it for you (if possible!). Share it in the comments below or write to me. Happy Freebies and I hope you enjoyed this #12DaysofBlogmas


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