12 Days of #Blogmas – Day 7

On the 7th day of #Blogmas my true love gave to me… 7 Winter Accessories! (YES PLEASE!!!)

Slip on Slip off Boots

These can be UGG boots or or even Airwalks! Nonetheless wearing boots that are warm, easy to take on and off quickly (especially with kids) are a must! It is hard enough taking 10 minutes to get kids jackets on and off but for you – time is money!

Messy Bun Hat

Someone either fell across this genius idea or is just seriously a GENIUS! I love these! Again especially if you are a mom and sometimes a high pony or messy bun is your daily hair do / hair done. My hair is always in a messy bun. Wether i’m playing volleyball, doing housework, playing with my son (all my children pulled my hair!) or going to bed (I like my hair up). A messy bun has been a staple in my life for YEARS. Perfect gift for any mom bun wearing mom! (HINT HINT)

Waterproof Insolation Gloves

I don’t have time to be cold and neither do you. I need gloves that I can count on to keep me warm – seriously. Wether it’s playing outside with my kiddos or running to my vehicle in a blizzard I DO NOT WANT TO BE COLD! Pick up some quality isolated gloves.

Quality Jacket

I recently tried on a down filled Lululemon jacket and fell in love with it! I just had a son (last winter – thus why I need a new winter jacket this year (over 60 pounds down)) and a good friend of mine had a navy winter jacket last year so i’ve been really grooven the navy this year! This lulu jacket I tried on was perfect. I mean pristine perfection! It was a little bit longer, had cuffs inside the writs, the neck was a little higher so your neck wouldn’t get cold, pockets had zippers and the best looking and fitting hood ever! Getting a really good jacket that you love is important to keep you warm (duh) and keep you satisfied so that you don’t waste money buying multiple jackets but keep you falling in love with the same navy one because it is perfect for you!

Infinity Scarf

Wether you’re outside or spicing up your outfit inside, an infinity scarf can have two purposes. And if you’re a nursing mother then you definitely should get an infinitely scarf! Buy one scarf and use if for many years – with or without kids. Check out @Saveymommygoodies for all kinds of mommy goodies!

A Shovel

You live in Canada you need a shovel. I don’t like taking hours shovelling. I’d rather use other forms to keep fit! So investing in a shovel that works for your body type is actually important. Try an ergonomic shovel! Save the heavy lifting and your back. Plus your younger kids can shovel because it’s actually easier! Make that quality time count!

Lip Chap

With the winter months (basically 9 months a year) reaching for lip chap is a constant activity. I purchase lemon lime lip butter from Rocky Mountain Soap Co. they are toxin free and nothing is better then that! Cancer and other forms of illnesses can come from products that you put on your body. So why not put something toxin free on! Your saving your lips, life and your money. Never purchase another toxin filled lip chap again!

Stay tuned for tomorrow #12DaysofBlogmas Enjoying them so far? I’d love to hear about it! What can’t you go without these winter months?


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