Free from Kijiji – Utilizing your Spending (or should I say non-spending)

My family calls me the Kijiji Queen and I have earned that title! I can can find all kinds of free excellent condition items on Kijiji that in almost every room in my house, there is something that I found free. Kijiji is an excellent tool to use in looking for anything you need, want Read more about Free from Kijiji – Utilizing your Spending (or should I say non-spending)[…]

Weekend Freebies in #yeg Sept 10-13

This weekend was EXPLODING all over the city with freebies. If you viewed my previous blog I wrote about just a few of the events happening in and around Edmonton. Almost everything was starting at 10am Saturday and Sunday so it was unfortunate that some events were missed.   On Saturday there were two clothing and Read more about Weekend Freebies in #yeg Sept 10-13[…]

#Freebies at the Mall #Yeg

Many people think that if you go to the mall you are just going to waste money or spend the money you don’t have. Right? Wrong! There are tons of free things at the mall – you just have to know what to look for. For one, there is the mall walkers. Forget that expensive never used Read more about #Freebies at the Mall #Yeg[…]

Sherwood Park – Pot of Gold

I have saved hundreds of dollars by looking for freebies in and around the city of Edmonton. I have saved thousands of dollars just by keeping my eyes open and knowing what to look for when searching for #freebies. I recently signed my daughter up for some extra activities this year. I signed her up Read more about Sherwood Park – Pot of Gold[…]

Freebies & Free Events This Weekend – September 10-13

This weekend is EXPLODING with freebies and free events to go to. If you have no plans this weekend you have some now and if you had plans well… they may just have changed! First off, Rocky Mountain Soap is giving away free gifts for you and a friend from Sept 10-12 in store & online. So Read more about Freebies & Free Events This Weekend – September 10-13[…]

Free “Welcome Back Party” with 91.7 The Bounce & Kingsway Mall

Pepper & Dylan from 91.7 the Bounce had their Welcome Back Party at Kingsway Mall on September 8th. It was in the parking lot of Kingsway Mall and it was actually pretty awesome! The whole event was FREE. The Bounce was promoting this event on their website and Kingsway Mall was also promoting it. Kingsway had a Read more about Free “Welcome Back Party” with 91.7 The Bounce & Kingsway Mall[…]

Free Birthday Freebies @ Edible Arrangements

I had an opportunity to send some Edible Arrangements to some relatives. While doing so I realized that you absolutely need to sign up to receive their emails. I would say to create an additional email account just to receive emails from companies because they can be overwhelming. However there is good that comes from getting Read more about Free Birthday Freebies @ Edible Arrangements[…]

Getting the Most out of Shopping

Everyone has their favourite store that they shop at and most likely they have subscribed to receive the emails from that store. However if you want to be a Saveymommy shopper, open a new email account just to give out with the store clerks when they ask you for your email, to receive deal notifications, Read more about Getting the Most out of Shopping[…]

Free Fitset @ Kingsway Mall

Kingsway Mall is hosting Fitset on the upper floor in the old AE. Every weekend in September from 11am-noon they are doing different workout types.    The instructors seem very fun and the value you could get when you sign up is a pretty good deal! September 6th instructor was Kellie at the Parent and Tot class. In Read more about Free Fitset @ Kingsway Mall[…]

Annual Free MLA’s BBQ’s

Last minute free events are probably my favourite. A great way to save money and get some free food is to follow MLA’s in your surrounding area. MLA’s and other political persons put on free BBQ’s or support local free BBQ’s. No matter if you support the political party or not, going to these free Read more about Annual Free MLA’s BBQ’s[…]