A #Winter #Sale @ #OttewellBarn #TheSisterBees #Shpk


An electric art, craft and small business market! December 5th and 6th 10am to 6pm. There is the Food Bank where you can drop off your kind donations and a kids craft table, alright!


Now to the best part: At the “The Sister Bees” booth the first person who find these products (pure mint lip balm & Rosemary Mint Massage Oil)


at this craft sale on Saturday only, who say they saw the advertisement on Saveymommy get 50% off one product or two free lip balms! The Sister Bees will also have a draw to win more #free products.


What I love about The Sister Bees products is that they are all handmade and certified organic! You know what puts a smile to my face? When the first ingredient in the Rosemary Mint Massage Oil is coconut oil. I cannot say enough about how important and healthy coconut oil is for you. The benefits are huge and why not win some or get a great deal on them?! Want to know more about The Sister Bees? Check The Sister Bees out on their Facebook page here.

After trying the massage oil for myself it left my skin smooth and smelt lovely! The pure mint lip balm I used at night and woke up with super smooth lips. In this dry Edmonton everyone needs to protect their lips against the cracks. My baby had (key word had) some cradle cap so I used the massage oil on her head. Now, not only does she smell like a winter wonderland but her cradle cap is gone! Head over to A Winter’s Sale on December 5, be the first person to mention Saveymommy,  and get yours free!


I love freebies!! Mark your calendars for “A Winter’s Sale” on December 5th and 6th or check it out on my calendar here for this event and other free ones.


**Remember,  if you see me wandering around at A Winter’s Sale, or any other event, come get a #secretselfie with me!

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  • We are honored to have Saveymommy review our products and we are so pleased that you like them! We recommend using the unscented products for children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. The essential oils in our products are highly diluted but we recommend for everyone to test a small area first (as everyone reacts differently to things). See you all at the Winter’s Sale!

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