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What I love about telling the world about FREE stuff (Pssst: If you’re new here that is what I’m all about!) is that I get free stuff. And who doesn’t love free stuff?! However not everyone can get a free car – but you can test drive one for free!


This month we got to test out the 2016 Ford C-Max Energi for a week and let me tell you – it honestly was pretty awesome! The Ford C-Max is made for energy efficiency. You purchase a vehicle and it takes you wherever you want to go based on the one tank of gas. BUT if you purchase the C-Max (1 vehicle) you have TWO ways to get you to your destination. That’s pretty awesome! Filling up once a week? Imagine filling up once every two or three weeks?! #MindBlown


What did my daughter feel about the Option to Plug in or not to plug in? Check out her video below:

C-Max Plug in Option


I find that vehicles are getting cooler and cooler  with all the gadgets and gismos to test out. What I love in the Ford C-Max is that it has:

  1. Next-Generation Smartgauge with EcoGuide. What did I just say? Basically when you brake or coast your car charges. Say what? YES! When you brake or coast, in your car, while driving – It charges your car! This is my #1 and favourite part of the 2016 Ford C-Max. This is a HUGE reason why I would purchase this car or recommend the C-Max.
    • “…regenerative braking, recovering up to 90 per cent of the kinetic energy that would normally be lost during braking. This captured energy is sent back to the battery to be stored for later use.”
  2. Rear view camera & reverse sensing system. I’m not so worried in parallel parking situations as I feel that I have the room by using the camera and the ability to park safer.
  3. Hands-free power lift gate. Unlock your trunk just by kicking your leg underneath your rear bumper! Check out how my daughter operated this feature and how you can too:  Easy Open Trunk
  4. Heated seats. This is one of my husbands favourites. It is one of the reasons he bought his previous vehicle. Alberta is cold!
  5. Push button start. Sometimes I forget my keys or forget where they are at – but I don’t forget my purse, so this is perfect. Get in and push to go!
  6. Park assist. Activate your park assist and let your car do the stressful work for you of looking for a spot you fit in.

img_7937 img_7938 img_7939 img_7940 img_7941 img_7942 img_7943


So what did my daughter feel about the 2016 Ford C-Max as a total package? Check out her quotes below:

“Using the trunk with your legs is good exercise”

“It’s amazing”

“If I had three children, a little one could go in there and there and a big kid there!”

“This arm rest is perfect when you’re sleeping then when you need a drink it’s right there”

“This button right here can warn other cars to stop – WOW slow down”



Want to get your hands on the 2016 Ford C-Max or just feel like taking it for a spin? Find your nearest Ford dealership here!







Thank you Ford Canada & Pumpkin PR for giving me this opportunity to test out the 2016 Ford C-Max for FREE!