H&M is one of my favourite stores. Along with their email sign up discount that I wrote about in my previous blog, you also get hangers for #free. Never again do you need to buy hangers for yourself or your kids. Going to anystore – pick a store – purchasing a 10 pack of hangers… Read More

This weekend was EXPLODING all over the city with freebies. If you viewed my previous blog I wrote about just a few of the events happening in and around Edmonton. Almost everything was starting at 10am Saturday and Sunday so it was unfortunate that some events were missed.   On Saturday there were two clothing and… Read More

I have saved hundreds of dollars by looking for freebies in and around the city of Edmonton. I have saved thousands of dollars just by keeping my eyes open and knowing what to look for when searching for #freebies. I recently signed my daughter up for some extra activities this year. I signed her up… Read More

This weekend is EXPLODING with freebies and free events to go to. If you have no plans this weekend you have some now and if you had plans well… they may just have changed! First off, Rocky Mountain Soap is giving away free gifts for you and a friend from Sept 10-12 in store & online. So… Read More

  The Edmonton Public Library is a great place to find resources of all kinds (obviously). Some people find the library a waste to go to because of all the online reading that one can do now-a-days. However, no matter the e-book, music download, latest tech advancement, you can never replace bonding in person with… Read More

I’m astonished at how many people either do not know or have never been to a “Share & Wear”. It is the most saving money you will ever do and probably the most splurging you will ever do. Home & Clothing Giveaways are events that are AMAZING! Every Spring and Fall you will find them all… Read More

Every summer the Disney store puts on their Summer Play Days event. This event happens everyday at different times. You can call the desired location you want to attend at 10:00 am (when the store opens) to find out about the daily activity and time. Summer Play Days for 2015 has come to a close…… Read More

  Ikea has placed their prize pumping vending machine in Edmonton this weekend. Today is the last day to win the $250 Ikea gift card. Who wouldn’t want to win a gift card just for showing up – no purchase necessary. Today we were the winner of a frozen yogurt – every card is a WINNER!… Read More