Christmas Shopping for your Mermaid lovER? We have it all here for You!


Christmas shopping can cause insanity. Seriously. I start looking and / or shopping in September. Yeah, I’m one of “those people”. And by those people you mean, organized, thoughtful and resourceful – well then yes that IS me! I love presents. LOTS and LOTS of presents. If I could get everything I want at a cheap cost that would ROCK. And, it is possible!

If you consider this: Time to think about what your loved ones want, time is takes to get ready for the day to go shopping, time is takes to drive to place X to go shopping, time is takes to walk the malls to find store X and item X and then time is takes to wait in line to purchase item X the TIME can really add up. Hence why I start in September. Plus if you start budgeting in January for Christmas presents (say $500) then you will have enough money already for shopping in September, not go in debt AND to maybe buy a couple extra items needed or wanted because you planned ahead.

So this year I turned to Amazon for most of my shopping.

My oldest daughter is BIG on Mermaids. Watching H2o Just Add Water and Mako Mermaids is where this desire for mermaids came about. Sooo if your daughter is a mermaid lover like mine here are some good deals on mermaid items (affiliate links):

These cute makeup brushes have colourful fins and are such a good deal you might want to get a pair for yourself!

I love these mermaid tail blankets. We bought our daughter one last year and she has literally slept in it every night since. Her favourite gift ever.

These pillows honestly have two purposes and are really popular. A good girl friend gift too!

Going for a sleep over at grams? I bet you will be! With this mermaid sleeping bag sleep overs just got more exciting!

Let’s be mermaids. Seriously.

Heading to Mexico? Why not swim like a mermaid while you are there.

Everyday swim and play be a real rainbow mermaid.

Serena mermaid doll. Play and love all day and night.

Always have your fins on. A fashion for any day at school or shopping adventure.

If you see something you like make sure you order right away to get it in time for Christmas! Happy swimming mermaids!


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