Chucktober is BACK #free tickets


Oh Chuck-e-Cheese! It is free to get in, free to play in the play areas and a free hangout for moms! Don’t want a mess in your house no problem – go to Chuck-e-Cheese! All of the month of October, every costumed kid gets 50 FREE tickets! Grab your costumes and take your kiddos out for free fun!


We have gone countless times to Chuck-e-Cheese and my daughter loves playing with friends in the play area. Its fantastic. Plus, if your hungry there is food right there. Sign up to receive their emails and get special discounts on food PLUS free tickets! It is quite fantastic! This month Chuck-e-Cheese has sent an email to get 50 MORE FREE tickets! Help Stop Bullying. When you take the pledge to speak up against bullying! (check it out online for more details) Take the pledge here. #WESPEAKUP


Make sure you wear your costume and go in to Chuck-e-Cheese to take advantage of the FREE tickets!!