Contest: #Win a Photo Print by @DesReece #yeg #giveaway #contest

This is the BIGGEST prize I’m going to be giving away thus far! It is a large photo print by Reece Shulte. Don’t know who is he? Check him out here!


Reece bio reads… “What it boils down to is making money selling Art so I can continue to make and sell Art.  I could get caught up in the typical artistic lingua franca discussing form, colour composition and so on, but I find that instead of throwing Art jargon around I would rather make something and discover the means after.  After completing a project or thought through a painting I want to share it. Sharing my passion usually concludes and ultimately begins the cycle all over again.  I’m not sure  I have an Art manifesto but I think Sean Woosely said it best with, “…action ignites ideas…”  My aim is to just that.”

His artwork is beautiful – stunning actually and can be additionally found for sale on the walls of California Closets.



Want to win one of Reece’s photos? Well, I have some pretty awesome news for you… YOU CAN! Click on the link below and enter to win (winner must live in Edmonton or surrounding areas or be able to pick up prize from the California Closets Showroom at a specific prearranged time slot).

Framed Photo #Giveaway

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