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I love when I wake up, check my emails, and the first thing I read is “Here’s a Free gift for you!”. My email knows me so well! This morning I was treated to 101 free prints from Shutterfly. And…. YOU ARE AS WELL! Shutterfly is fantastic tool to create projects to remember your memories.



Instead of getting our wedding photographer to make our wedding book, (and have to pay him for it) I spend 11 hours and made one myself! Exactly the way I wanted it and was beyond pleased as I know can go back into Shutterfly and get another one printed if I ever needed or wanted to.



During my second pregnancy I really wanted my ultrasound photos printed but I wanted something a little more fun sooooo I signed up to received Shutterfly emails and received one shortly saying “you’ve received a free magnet”. PERFECT!!!!! I got something fun and exciting, that is still on our fridge, that I truly still love.



You absolutely should make your photo books and anything fun for “Grandma & Grandpa projects” on Shutterfly. You will always find coupons/deals for 30%, 40%, and I usually wait for the 50% off sales! The amazing part about using Shutterfly is that you can sign on anytime and take as long as you need to create your perfect projects (any kind) and then you will get an email saying “receive your free gift” – then that is when you order! At that point you have taken the time you need to make the absolutely perfect projects and you may even get them for FREE. Seriously, that’s pretty awesome. I have created gifts for my mother and mother in law and waited to get them for FREE. It is a WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN for everyone involved – who doesn’t want to save their hard-earned money? I know I do!! And am!


Get your free 101 prints TODAY! (FREE4U) Happy FREEBIES you deserve it!













*Have you received free gifts from Shutterfly? If so, let me hear about it! Post it in the comments below*