August 28, 2015

About Me

I am a lover of #deals #contests and anything #free – finder of free #yegevents – mother of 3 on earth and 1 in Heaven!

“I’m just doing what I do and have always done. It’s just turnedup a notch!”

I’d love to work with you. For all sponsorship & collaboration email (pssst If you send me freebies to keep and one to giveaway I’m your gal)

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The long winded story…

I grew up wanting MORE. More of life, more of what I love, more of friendships, more of my dreams just MORE. I believe that the Lord God is my provider. Many people have lost hope or have no joy in getting MORE out of life. There is so much MORE then you know.

When I find free “stuff” those around me are amazed at why that is, or how, or they don’t believe. I want it – I’ll get it. Because I strive to reach those things that seem impossible.

I’ve traveled the world with ministry teams and on my own. All before the age of 19 years old. I’m cultured and can adapt to almost anyone.

I fell in love with my perfect match. My true love and best friend. The man that gets me. The man that makes me smile. The man who took my broken heart and wrapped it up.

My first daughter – mighty and strong. Her heart touches everyone. My Joey – forever in mama’s pouch. My second daughter – my great joy in life. She sees through your soul. Then my son – the first male in my family. Many blessings are ahead for that man.

I love to spoil my children with freebies! There is much to partake in… Many people give up for lack of knowledge.


I hope to inspire you! Encourage you. And enlighten you. Bring you smiles, memories, laughter… Help you save money, invest your money and hold tight to what matters most in life. Never stop wanting MORE. More of what matters, more of what God has for you and MORE FREE.


Happy freebies!