Did You Know (NOT Have you Heard) what is happening with the Munchkin Patch?!

March 2016 the Munchkin Patch entered West Edmonton Mall. We heard swag bags were going to be handed out so YES we had to be there at the Grand Opening AND early in line at that (we are a little zealous)!

The workers were still hanging their sign just minutes before the 10am grand opening. We had made it, received our swag bags and looked around at the brand new kiddo store in WEM. The most interesting thing that I saw in this store was the Dr. Seuss items. I don’t believe that I’ve ever entered a store with Dr. Seuss items!

This past week we took a walk by the Munchkin Patch and decided to go in.

It was quiet… very quiet. It is, mind you, quieter on that end of the mall but a stillness settled in. We were greeted promptly at the door and was informed of some surprising news.

Everywhere we looked there were SALES SALES SALES! From a buyers perspective who loves to save and be frugal when shopping, this is a parents paradise!

The empty iles and all the sales only mean one thing… The Munchkin Patch IS closing.

The store seemed to be doing well. It obviously had expanded and renovated since the opening of 2016 but now it is time to say goodbye. February 8th is the last day to pick up your Munchkin Patch items. SO GO! Go quickly. Take a look around and you might find some really amazing deals or great matching dresses for your girls – like we did!

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