#Disneyland #Freebies yes we did! #FreebieFriday

Before we let to Disneyland we joined the Disney Movie Rewards club. There was a deal were we could get Disney movies for like $5 / $1 if we (in a years time) bought three regular priced Disney movies. We thought that was a pretty sweet deal and took advantage of that. In doing so we received Disney Movie Codes in each DVD. Instead of ignoring these we took the code and started collecting them. Even when going to the Share and Wears (see pervious blog post) we would look for Disney movies to see if codes were inside… AND THEY WOULD BE!


We saved these codes for the past year (that is when we started the whole “cheap movies”) and it was absolutely worth it! With these we were able to get Disney Gift Cards – CASH cards. We could spend them at the Disney Store in Edmonton (or which ever store) OR could use them in Disneyland! (and yes the amount converted to American) So we did! I posted this below picture saying WE GOT THESE FOR FREE! Because both our ears were FREE! We saved these codes both from movies we bought and from movies we got for FREE to get these ears for free. Oh how I love FREE stuff! It truly is fantastic!


Would you like some FREE Disneyland swag? Because I have some – I brought back some and I am wanting to share it with you! Comment below on this blog post on why you love Saveymommy FREEBIES and you will be entered to win! Also, SHARE this blog post and you will also be entered to win!

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