DIY Mickey Mouse Party #SaveymommyDeal

I truly love themed parties! While my husband and I were planning our wedding we actually thought about having it a themed wedding. Everyone had to wear mini hats or hats like the Royal Family and dress like the 1930’s or 1970’s. I thought more about this then my husband and “making” our guests dress up with the thought of them not dressing up would make this bride really upset. So we leave the themed parties to birthday’s.

I grew up having two parties. One family party and one friends party. We chose to have a Star Wars themed party for our sons family party then a Mickey Mouse themed party for the friends party. Now, not everyone choses two themed parties let alone ANY themed parties but that it just what I wanted to do! (I actually couldn’t decide between a Star Wars party or a Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday so I did them both)

This Mickey Mouse party literary required minimal “extra” effort. Every party needs plates to eat on and plates to serve food so shaping your plates to the required style (Mickey Heads) is a FREE decoration for your table! Check out some of my FREE themed decorations!

I also went on some Facebook Upcycle groups and picked up some free Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday decorations. Yes they were “used” (once) but still in excellent condition!

My friend was also giving away a Mick Mouse basketball board. So I recreated a photo booth by cutting out the basketball and brought some friends along!

I then wanted more “cute Mickey stuff” so I went on Pinterest and created my own board of all the pins I liked to review later. Then after I liked a whole bunch of stuff, I went back and reviewed what I liked, why I liked it and if it would work for me. There was a lot of FREE printable available. Invitations, colouring pages and Mickey cut-outs so I used some for the table.

I also wanted to do some fun creative food so I tried three different types. One fruit tray that is the bottom of Mickey pants, legs and feet.

One cookie to be a Mickey Mouse head and pants.

And lastly sugar Mickey Heads! I had a hard time with these so I had to use tooth picks to keep them together. I most likely will never do this one again.

Sometimes cakes can be crazy expensive. I decided to bake cupcakes ahead of time and freeze them. Then the icing I made, by scratch, the morning of the party before creating my Mickey Mouse cake. I loved it (and I think the kiddos did too)!

My little Mouseketeer turned 1!




****Did you have any themed parties that were an epic flop? I’d SO LOVE to hear about it! Post it in the comments below.

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