DIY Star Wars Party #SaveymommyDeal

The struggles between Christmas and birthday began. I asked some friends about how they felt “sharing” their birthday with a holiday and the BIGGEST holiday of the year. Instead of getting pregnant in the winter we had our son in December. We named him Luke so of course we had to throw a Star Wars party (especially since the new movie came out).

I have never seen Star Wars until I had a boy. I started binge watching Star Wars while blogging about #12DaysofBlogmas to get all up to date for this birthday party! We even went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi  because there is no way I can have a Star Wars party and not have seen ALL of them. (Side Note: I LOVED IT!!!!)

First off this birthday party is a costume party so I watched some youtube videos to get some sweet ideas for hair styles! I absolutely LOVE Rey so I totally did her hair. It’s simple to create and I had all the tools to do so.

When thinking about doing a Star Wars party I wanted it to be like the Mako Mermaids party I created off pinterest so I went to work looking for free ideas and free printouts for the birthday. (I created a Star Wars board on Pinterest with some of my favourites)

Yoda Plates

Star Wars Puppet Printable’s

Wookie Cookies

Vader Veggies

7 Leila Dip


Trooper Scoopers


Light Sabers


Yoda Soda


Kylo Ren Blades

Death Star Pinata

I made the pinata by blowing up a balloon and then covering it with old news paper dipped in mixed water and flour. I usually only use paint but I found a free printable of the Death Star



Before heading to Pinterest I went to some free Facebook groups for some Star Wars decor. I entered an in search of ad and had some response. It was exciting to be given free Star Wars party decorations and some toys used as centre pieces. These items cut back on my cost for decorations (because I don’t like to spend much on “fluff”) so I was able to spend that money (or save that money) elsewhere.

The party was only a mini birthday party but if it had been a full blown afternoon we would have made some “Han Burgers” and “Hoth Dogs”. The galaxy was endless with ideas!

(psst! I found this cake pan at a yard sale for $3 and baked the cake from scratch myself with ingredients I already had #saveymommydeal)


**Have you created a party based off of Pinterest ideas? I’d love to hear about it (and see it) post it in the comments below**



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