Fall Baking – Oh the Sweet Fall Treats!

So, here’s the deal. Every September we are bombarded with all of these fall videos of cakes, cookies, brownies, treats and drinks. And don’t they look AMAZING! Easy to make, few ingredients, tons of chocolate and best of all cinnamon and pumpkin.

Pumpkin spice drinks and pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread and pumpkin brownies! Oh the idea of pumpkin is just tied with fall baking! They go hand in hand – best friends really.


Talking about friends, one of my really good friends posted a video of pumpkin brownies. Few ingredients, simple and oh how they look delicious! Healthy even! I saved the Facebook video for later use. I was later than at a moms group and another mom had seen the video, thought it looked good but also had not tried it. So I thought to myself “I have all this frozen pumpkin at home (which I had gotten FREE from a BoxSocial event in Callingwood) so why not make some pumpkin brownies!” My husband was out of town just for the day so I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to make brownies so that when he would return in the evening, this would be a nice treat for him (or so I thought).

First off, if you haven’t read my blog post about Thanksgiving prep I strongly recommend you do before reading on just to give you a taste (pun intended) of what is to come.


So I got all the three ingredients together (which is actually 4 ingredients because it is and I quote “If you’d like them a bit sweeter, we recommend adding some sugar to the batter. It’s optional, but will make the brownies significantly sweeter.” Now lets back up just a bit so that you can get the FULL picture of what we are diving into today. After all I’m trying to make a special treat for the love of my life!

The video states the following:

“3-Ingredient Pumpkin Brownies: how do they taste SO good when they’re this healthy?!?”

“The fudgiest 3 ingredient brownies EVER. Full disclaimer: These brownies are bitter. (That’s why we suggest spreading frosting on top.) If you’d like them a bit sweeter, we recommend adding some sugar to the batter. It’s optional, but will make the brownies significantly sweeter.”

I mix all the ingredients together and get it in the oven. My 7 year old asks me “Hey Mom, can I lick the spoon?!” So I respond by saying, “Just wait – let’s get some and take a video of your reactions!” (I’m expecting good things here people!)

See below video of my daughters reactions:

Tasting the Pumpkin Brownies Spoon


So as they bake for the “Transfer batter to prepared pan and bake until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, about 35 minutes.”  We waited….. and toothpick, after toothpick, after toothpick…. Almost 2 hours later I had it! They were coming out!!!

I cut them up feeling like these were a bit crunchy looking and not so “fudgey” looking.

I then, like a good wife, took out the first piece for my husband and set it up for him. (AHHH spoiler alert (as if): I made it look that way and obviously took a bite first before knowing what would happen/torturing his taste buds)

Husband – “Throw those out right now!”

Daughter 1 – (wide eyes and spits out in the garbage)

Daughter 2 – (waving hands in a “no” manner) “NO LIKE!”


So If you feel like being Betty Crocker today DON’T. Don’t try this at home or ever! Tip of the day: before trying a new recipe always ALWAYS read the comments…. I’ll attached some because (palm to face).

“We tried this recipe, if you like bitter, terrible tasting stuff the consistency of dog crap then this is for you, enjoy. It was inedible even with added stevia.”

“So these were awful. The kids spit them out. My youngest was drinking from the spigot trying to get them out of his mouth. The dogs and chickens even left them alone. (No I didn’t give them to the animals. The kids spit them out) Our oldest took a bite and said she was going to take them to youth group because “they need Jesus!””

“This was the most disgusting thing I’ve EVER made…spit it out the moment I tried to eat it. DO NOT MAKE THESE!!!! Such a waste of food and money.”

“Substitute another recipe all together. This is a fail”






**Do you have a recipe that has simple ingredients that you’d love me to try? Post it in the comments below!**


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