FREE Edible Fruit Trees All Over Edmonton

Free edible fruit trees all over Edmonton… Ummmmm HELLO! YES I WANT THAT!! My mind is seriously BLOW away at this! Think about the time it takes for a tree to bloom, cross-pollinate and actually produce fruit – LIKE WE’RE TALKING YEARS!!!! AND THESE HAVE BEEN AROUND THIS WHOLE TIME?!?!?!

First question: WHERE ARE THESE?!?!

Answer: Check it out here!


“A new City of Edmonton map now makes it possible to find the closest tree with edible fruit.

Available online, the Open Data Edible Fruit Trees map allows people to zoom in on more than 22,000 fruit trees.

The list includes apple, cherry, plum and pear trees. There are even saskatoon berry bushes.

“People are interested in it, and it contributes to that local food security as well,” said Nicole Fraser, manager-supervisor with the city’s beautification and greener initiative.

“We want to promote a local food movement and support local citizens in that local food movement.””