Free Flights & More from RBC WestJet Mastercard

I absolutely love my RBC Westjet Mastercard and would never use another credit card but this one ever again. I have flown free and will never look back! Flying #free is amazing!


A few years ago my husband and I got a joint RBC WestJet Mastercard. There were multiple reasons why this was beneficial for us but the main part was that we would receive free flights from WestJet. Not only did we receive free fights from WestJet but every time you make a purchase with your RBC WestJet Mastercard you get entered to win monthly trips anywhere WestJet is flying. Additionally you collect WestJet dollars to use at hotels and car rentals for free.

There was nothing negative about getting the RBC WestJet Mastercard. If you love flying or just need a reason to why not fly for free – save thousands of dollars and get your RBC WestJet Mastercard today!

Here’s how it works: Get your RBC WestJet Mastercard, make purchases on it, I suggest putting all your bills and other purchases directly onto it, and start collecting WestJet dollars. You then book a flight through WestJet using your RBC WestJet Mastercard (this can be for you and a companion or just yourself) and thats it! All you have to pay for is the taxes – flights are free! If you haven’t collected enough WestJet dollars to cover the cost of the flight but still want to go on a trip with your companion, thats completely OK because the companion only costs $99 anywhere WestJet travels! Isn’t that amazing!

This is a #deal that I cannot let you pass up on – you NEED the RBC WestJet Mastercard today.

Currently WestJet is having a “Las Vages Win it Back” contest. Check it out here.



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