#FREE #FordFocus for the week #Saveymommy


Ring Ring!! “Hello? YES I want to drive a 2016 Ford Focus Titanium for the week!” Thank you @FordCanada and @PumpkinPR for the amazing opportunity as this past month we got to try out the Ford Focus Sedan Titanium. This is why you should too:


Now, not every vehicle is for everyone and not every family can have a car – some need those giant vans that haul like 10 passengers because of all of the little ones… However! If you are single, married or have two kids then I would absolutely suggest purchasing (or at least test driving) a Ford Focus. Check out your nearest dealer here.


I told my oldest daughter that we got a new car to try out and she was thrilled! She wanted to get in it right away and go for a drive (and seriously who wouldn’t). See her video below to hear what she had to say about it. First impressions are always the greatest!

First Impressions about the Ford Focus


As we drove around we found some pretty cool features! Now, I know what your thinking, “features can be expendable” but really can ALL features be expendable? It’s like a cell phone – do YOU want to go back to the old flip phones? I think not! So lets continue…


The 2016 Ford Focus Titanium.


  • It looks good. Seriously, the Ford Focus is a beautiful car! Looking at in from the outside in or the inside out the Ford Focus looks amazing! I found myself looking good and feeling good driving it. And that’s a pretty good feeling to have!


  • It is safe. Safety features are becoming/ ARE super important!!
    • sensors all around the vehicle
    • lane departure (“The system will alert the driver if the vehicle wanders or if it senses that the driver is drowsy, and can also apply light starring pressure to guide the vehicle back into its lane.”)
    • rearview camera


  • Sweet light features. My husband used to own a Kia Soul and I loved when he turned “the lights” on. Meaning those seemingly useless lights that change colour around the speakers on either door. Well, we didn’t have to leave the sweet lights behind because in the Ford Focus as they were… in the cup holders!! I don’t know what it is about lights but they sure grab your attention and I love them.

img_7145 img_7146

  • Park Assist. The first time I went for my driver’s license I failed my parallel parking. And let’s be realistic – many people will drive around looking for a different parking spot then actually parallel park. Well, with the Ford Focus Park Assist you never have to worry about parallel parking again! As the car will literally park itself. YES! Its true!


  • It is smart. It is called “Winter Warm-Up” which includes all-weather floor mats AND a heated steering wheel. This is really smart & beneficial as winter is basically 9 months of the year. The Ford Focus also senses when the key is nearby. Holding three kids and trying to get in the car? No problem! Just leave your key in your pocket or purse and as you walk up to the Focus it will unlock for you! Then with push start you don’t even have to take your keys out ever.


There are so many amazing features about the Ford Focus! So what are you waiting for? Go test drive one today!













**Have you test driven the 2016 Ford Focus Titanium? If so, I’d love to hear about it! Post it in the comments below**