Free From EPL



The Edmonton Public Library is a great place to find resources of all kinds (obviously). Some people find the library a waste to go to because of all the online reading that one can do now-a-days. However, no matter the e-book, music download, latest tech advancement, you can never replace bonding in person with mom-tot groups, music lessons in groups or learning to interact with others.

We head out to the library to get away from the home and it also gives the kids a chance to pick out a book that they choose.

What is also exciting it that at EPL you do not have to pay for a library card. I can remember when I had to pay $12 for my library card and now its free!  Again, it saves you so much money on buying books when you can get as many as you want and return them. We all now kids have fazes and when they have 50 books and every week only 1 of those books are their favourite… It wastes a lot of money purchasing all those books when one book would do.

Check out your local library today!

Bonus: If you’ve just had a baby go down to your local EPL and pick up your babies FREE book and baby package. They also get their very own library card which is pretty cute.