Free from Kijiji – Utilizing your Spending (or should I say non-spending)

My family calls me the Kijiji Queen and I have earned that title! I can can find all kinds of free excellent condition items on Kijiji that in almost every room in my house, there is something that I found free.

Kijiji is an excellent tool to use in looking for anything you need, want or just willing to waste time on.

Even if you are looking for something completely brand new you can find it! We searched lululemon to look for yoga matts and there was someone selling their never used yoga matt for $45. Retail is $58. It saves you so much money just to take a look to see if what you need is 50% off!

For instance, to purchase a second car seat base the cost, after looking at a few store, would be between $69-$80. I found these prices to be ridiculous so I went on Kijiji and looked for my exact same car seat. Here, someone was selling their carseat and base in great condition for $30.

Being a #saveymommy I bought the car seat and base for $30 (over 50% saves) then sold the carseat for $10 (over 100% profit).

Keep your eyes pealed for ways to be savvy and help you save your money. Enabling you to spend your money when it matters most.



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