Free #KidsPlay @Kingswaymall with South Asian Arts Movement Society

Before we got into the mall guess who we saw… @Sportballyeg coming to #KidsPlay. Sportballyeg is non-competitive sports instruction for children 16 months – 12 years old in Edmonton.


Boxsocial put on another fantastic Kids Play this morning at Kingsway Mall!

This morning was dancing with South Asian Arts Movement Society. Kids had the opportunity to make their very own “Bollywood Bangles” and handprint elephants. A bunch of tables were set out with stickers for you to decorate your paper elephants and make your bangles with different colourful beads.


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South Asian Arts Movement Society showed the kids how to dance like animals in the forest. Showing dance movements of deer, butterflies, the sun, flowers, and fish. They also rocked it with fast upbeat South Asian dancing movements! We learned that dancing is used to tell stories. (who knew) Bollywood is actually freestyle.



Such great activities to wake up in the morning to get to with your kids. Take time for the things you care about #kidsplay These events are also a really nice times to meet other moms.

Reminder that after you go to 5 Kids Play you get a #FREE gift from Kingswaymall! #ILOVEFREEBIES



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