FREE Lego Build @ Southgate Shopping Centre




Tonight was #free Lego Mini Build at Southgate Shopping Centre which means… FREE LEGO! Who doesn’t love free Lego? You come, you build, you take home. FREE FREE FREE! Every month. These Lego builds, I find, is a welcoming bonding experience with you and your child. Plus you don’t have to feel bad about saying no to everything else that they want in the store because… they got to take some Lego home. Yes, it was free – but thats the point! It’s a win-win.

In addition to the mini builds they also have a passport stamp book. There is really no point to the book (meaning you don’t send it in for a contest like to would for Shine FM “Passport to Summer)  besides a nice souvenir. My daughter made sure that we had the passport book before we set out to the Lego store though.



lego 2






While at the Lego store we noticed a side girls Lego Build event for September 12th and September 13th. This #free #yegevent you do not sign up for online but at the store. Space is limited to about 20 spots per day at 10:00 am.