#Free #Rainbows ? Yes me! @ #RainbowSystems

In our home we have a goal board. This year one of our goals is to “be healthier”. There is no limits to this or specifics we just want to knowingly BE healthier.

We recently entered a contest and won a $200 Rainbow Air Purifier. As part of winning, to receive our free gift we had to have the Rainbow system (the large- full house one) brought to our home and a demo shown. I had no problem with this because my parents actually own a Rainbow so I know how they work (at lease the ones from the 50’s). I contact Rainbow to set up my “demo night” to receive my free air purifier. At this point I googled “out to get Rainbow Salesmen out of my house” in case they were going to be pushy sales people enabling me to receive my free gift. To my shock Rainbow Systems Salespeople had a shocking low rate of 1 out of 5 stars. Lots of people complaining. YIKES!! However, everything is not as it seems and every sales person is different (thankfully).

So Dallas Ramey called me to confirm the time of the demo and over the phone he sounded nice and business like so I had no problems. When he came over he set up the Rainbow System and if nothing, it was a FANTASTIC presentation about my health! Something that stuck out during the hour presentation was that we need 3 things to live 1) Food 2) Water 3) Air . This got my attention as back to my goal board, we want to be healthier! The air we breath we cannot control… we run into the malls because of smokers and run to our cars because of exhaust ect. So the air in my house needs to be clean – that I CAN control.

It was not difficult getting our free $200 air purifier. About 5 minutes into the presentation he gave it to us, put it out right on the table for us and said that he would gladly install it after the presentation (which he did with no problem).


Dallas was a wealth of knowledge about the health for my family and about the product he was selling – the Rainbow. I already knew about the Rainbow my parents had from the 50’s so how could it change or be elevated? The Rainbow is not only a vacuum but now is an air purifier too!  Which is fantastic because we turn on our purifer every night. Additionally what stood out to my husband is how the Rainbow (obviously) converts to a vacuum and cleans insanely well. You need to see the Rainbow presentation. We just bought a vacuum a few months ago and after seeing the Rainbow in action, in our home, on our carpet, (on the carpet that I just vacuumed that day) I was sold! They want you to have this amazing product so much that they will give you $400 for your vacuum and discount it off the price of the Rainbow System, if you decide to purchase it. They then take your vacuum and donate it to charity (which makes me happy).

This is the Rainbow on our carpet before and After cleaning our main floor with the Rainbow – PS: I just vacuumed earlier with my vacuum….(and the second picture has already been dumped out once – EWE!!!)

image image


My husband has allergies to dust and animals, smoke and well sadly more. When he vacuums the air from the vacuum makes him need to reach for allergy pills – yuck! All the stuff you vacuum up is basically going back into the air you breath. In the morning I had to open the door to let fresh air in after I vacuumed. Now how and why does that make sense? I’m trying to clean! With the Rainbow – clean air. No sneezing, no allergy pills, just clean air because of the Rainbow!


Dallas was not pushy he was just at my home to give me my FREE $200 air purifier and show me their larger system. The only thing is cost me was my time. I can not believe how clean my house is!

Want a FREE $200 air purifier too? Contact me with your name, address and phone number and breath in clean air, have actually clean floors and be healthier. I know we will be!