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Who doesn’t LOVE going out for the weekend for FREE?! I love that everyday that I leave my house I get the opportunity to go out and do something FREE everyday! What is even better is that, Is that I get to share all this FREE stuff with you by clicking here my free events calendar! You too can do free things everyday! And if you hear about something FREE let me hear about it by posting it in the comments below.


Two weeks ago I went to the South Cooking Lake Clothing Exchange. It was actually the smallest one I’ve ever gone to (well actually the yearly exchanges that I put on with my girls friends are smaller but anyways) but I actually got a few really good items (YES FREE!). There was lots of different people looking through items and one of the ladies was Melody. Melody wasn’t necessary in need of cloths but went to check it out – seriously is free cloths, why not save your money for say family vacations or paying off debt? She noticed two suitcases (free) and grabbed them then started going through the shirts and filling her bag, then going through the kids shoes and started putting them in her bag as well. She was going to load up these suitcases and these other items to take for her trip to Rwanda! She is going to Home of Hope which rescues babies that had been thrown in the dump (which is quite an emotional story). It was exciting to chat with her and see how these free clothing exchanges can benefit people on the other side of the world, and she doesn’t have to go in debt to help them.

April 16, 2016 is St. Albert Alliance Church Share and Wear. OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is one of my favourites. If you haven’t been to one this is a good one. It has (ps again everything is FREE) household items, cloths, kids stuff, home decor… I once picked up a basketball net – just TONS of items. It starts at 10am and goes to noon. If you want to get rid of your items you can drop them off the night before. This event has hundreds of people (I’m sure) show up so you want to be there early as people do start lining up an hour before hand. I find, by the first half hour if you have not shown up a lot of the “good stuff” has already been taken and if it’s passed the first hour then either don’t get your hopes up or don’t be too picky. This is a great opportunity to do some spring cleaning in your house and donate all the clutter in your house, get your kids cloths because seriously they grow out of them so fast or get them dirty ect., and find something for you! I wrote in my perviously blog about how I’ve almost completely eliminated shopping for cloths completely because I go out to clothing exchanges. It seriously can save you THOUSANDS of dollars per year!! Cloths for your husband, cloths for you, cloths for you X amount of kids, cloths for when they grow up a bit, toys for them, books for you (and they have tons of books) the possibilities are endless! You must check it out.

Also on April 16th yes there’s TONS going on that day:

Old Strathcona Farmers market. It is every Saturday year round.  If you haven’t checked it out then you really should as well (at least once) you may want to keep coming back for your fresh produce. When we went we got tons of free samples and even won a free $25 gift card to one of the venders. It’s a lovely date!

Law Day at the Edmonton Law Courts. Mind you, anyone can honestly go into the court-house and watch basically anything on the 3rd floor. However. Law Day is great and you get this mini tour of how things work and shows you the importance of the courthouse and all that happens there.

Indigo Kids Event at Chapters! I have not personally gone to one of these but have only heard of them – 10am!

AMA Shredding Event. This sounds awesome if you  have those 6 boxes of shredding that needs to be completed! “Bring up to 6 boxes of personal documents to our FREE AMA…”

Hopewell House Party! I absolutely love going to show home events and they are truly awesome! It is on from noon till 5pm stop in at anytime just for the free stuff (we do!)

A Food truck! Fuss Cupcakes! Radio Remote! Prize Draws! Giveaways! Family Fun!

Plus, you’ll save $20,000 on your new home, or we’ll match other builders’ promos or offers.

It’s true! For a limited time, you can get the builder promotion you want, with the Hopewell home you love.

If for some reason we can’t match (or improve on) the competition’s offer? We’ll pay you $250.00. It’s that easy!”


I hope that you can make it out to one of these events. Saveymommy events are for all types of people! Don’t forget to share me with your friends! Find me on Facebook here 🙂









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