Getting the Most out of Shopping

Everyone has their favourite store that they shop at and most likely they have subscribed to receive the emails from that store. However if you want to be a Saveymommy shopper, open a new email account just to give out with the store clerks when they ask you for your email, to receive deal notifications, and let the savings begin! I suggest a separate email account because you can keep it separate on your phone so your phone doesn’t continue to go off and annoy you. Or if you are a “computer email checker only” then when you open your email its not full with massive amount of emails that may or may not be important.

I once was in a huge line up at H&M. While in line up I went online (from my cell phone) and subscribed to receive their coupons/email discounts. By the time I had gotten to the front of the line up an email popped up on my phone and instantly I handed the clerk my phone to receive 20% off my purchase.

Another time I was in Childrens Place looking for a dress for my newborn. I had a budget around $25 because seriously the dress would really only fit for the first few weeks. I saw the absolutely perfect dress however it was $40! I thought that was insane so again I went on my phone signed up to receive there emails and then left the store. About 30 minutes later an email popped up to receive 40% off!


I highly suggest signing up to receive emails anywhere you are shopping or if you know where you are going to go shopping then search online “Coupons for Store X”.

In addition, if your budget for shopping is $200 you may be getting $300 worth of product just by taking the minimal time to get savvy!