Massive Savings – Home & Clothing Giveaways!

I’m astonished at how many people either do not know or have never been to a “Share & Wear”. It is the most saving money you will ever do and probably the most splurging you will ever do.

Home & Clothing Giveaways are events that are AMAZING! Every Spring and Fall you will find them all over the city. The ones that I like the best are:

Christcity Clothing Exchange;

St. Albert Alliance Share & Wear; and

Beulah Alliance Clothing Plus More.

I have virtually stopped buying any clothing for myself and only went to giveaways for clothing. There is a huge assortment to pick from and you are able to take as much or as little as you like. I have seen families take over 8 large garbage bags out with them and are still looking for more! We all hate green house gases so really this is the most organic eco-friendly way of shopping!

There are name brand clothing, disney movies, brand new books, house hold items and yes, other junk. But as the old saying goes… “Another mans junk is another mans treasure.” There truly is something for everyone. Make sure you mark down when the Giveaways take place because even if you feel like you already have too much junk in your home, they need YOU as the people to donate the used (or un-used) items. Everyone is happy – the giver and the giveie.

I encourage you to promote the attached links and if you know about any others, please feel free to share them with me on my blog, I would love to know about more Giveaways!