Mommy #Free #yegevents are EVERYWHERE! No joke!

Almost all-the-time I am asked about where I “find all this free stuff” and so I reply with, “Social Media”. Facebook and Twitter are my biggest sources thus far in where I find all these awesome FREE EVENTS so check out my free events calendar here, like me on my Facebook Page here, following me on Twitter here and Instagram here!


Some Free Connections/Events are:

BoxSocial – They are HUGE on free family/kids events weekly! A must check out because, If you read my previous blog post you know that they have events in all areas of the city so there really is no excuse not to go.

Mommy Connections – They have some free monthly events that tons of moms and new moms go out to. Sometimes there is also free gifts!

Edmonton Public Library – Daily free activities. Everyday can be spent with your little one(s) at your local library PS: your baby gets a free gift and library card too!

Ladies Morning Out – They meet every Thursday morning of the season! Listen to a fantastic message and have some treats while you’re there. Child care is provided yahoo!


Some Not-Free Connections/Events:

Fit Your Life

Mommy Connections

J’Adore Dance



There are families that need a few days and or weeks notice to do any activity so looking at the Saveymommy calendar for next weeks activities is great! However, with seriously so many free things being mentioned all the time sometimes there are those last minute additions to my Facebook Page and Saveymommy Calendar. When you have those thoughts of “What should I do today / I’m so board I feel like taking the kids out / (say anything here)” check my pages out because there will be some awesome things added ALL-THE-TIME.


Thanks for taking part in the freebies our great city has to offer – FREE.






*Know of more free events? Post it in the comments below or connect with me*