Pregnant and Want FREE Stuff? Check this out! #Saveymommy

Pregnant? Pregnancy brain! What do you need? You don’t know… BUT – what you do know is that you want FREE stuff! (I do too!!) So let me introduce you to FOUR ways to get FREE baby stuff without being SPAMMED.

First off, congratulations to you! Babies are amazing. I, myself am going through another fantastic pregnancy (see picture above) so I want to take advantage of all the FREE stuff you are able to receive when pregnant as NOW is the time!


1. Babies R Us – They have FREE gift bags when you sign up for a registry. So register in store. People need ideas of what to buy you, and you need ideas of what you want anyways. So register so that you can get a FREE gift bag. It has samples and free product. Even if you are not planning on having a shower it’s a good idea to walk through the store see the new products and pick up some freebies while you are at it! Check it out here.


2. Buy Buy Baby – They also have FREE gift bags when you register. What we love about Buy Buy Baby is that they have a consultant at their desk you can ask questions about any products you may be interested in plus the selection is HUGE. Been on Pinterest? seen some cute 1 month, 2 month, ect. photos? They have props like that that you can put on your registry. (and you can get them for at least 10% off because you made a registry) Now, their gift bags are no joke! Last year we had our second baby girl and we registered at Buy Buy Baby and received an awesome gift bag BUT right now these gift bags are SWEET! They yes include samples but also include product. I love actual product. Thank you very much! Check them out in store. (picture below of my gift bag)


3. Jenny Pierce / Destination Maternity – I have no idea how I found this lady in the first place but i’m sure glad I did. Want a FREE nursing cover? Maybe a FREE nursing pillow? How about a FREE baby carrier? Well, YOU CAN! She sends periodic emails out with, you guessed it – FREE Baby stuff! We even have received FREE baby leggings… Want to save money? Get on her email mailing list! (I believe this is the link you need to fill out but not sure… Sorry its been SO long and I really have no idea how I got on her list!) You can also check out this website, scroll down to sign up for her emails and then… hopefully that is it as well! She is worth it.

Free Custom Pacifiers: use code FREE2580 at checkout!

Free Carseat Canopy: use code 0251 at checkout!



4. Box Baby Canada – I feel like everyone is blogging about this! I heard about this from another local blogger and thought, “HELLO! Lets get this free stuff!” Again FREE PRODUCT which I love. Seriously baby is in newborn diapers for like a week – buying diapers is such a hassle so to just have a package given to you is like the nicest thing ever! And look at this box! Its amazing! The box itself is safe for baby to sleep in as it is for your bedside (save money on a bassinet that you only use for a few weeks) in has a mattress in the bottom. Then you get diapers, whites, clothing, breast pads (save thousands of dollars and breastfeed!), a teething ring ect. Very worth signing up to receive this box – You have to watch some short movies, complete a test (proving you watching the movies) and you receive a e-certificate of completion. Take a screen shot or print off the certificate and take it to your nearest distributor to collect your box!         Find a distributor nearest you here! And register here to receive your FREE baby box. (below is a picture of my box)


Well there you have it! Four ways to save money and get FREE baby stuff. Comment below telling me how much you love Saveymommy freebies to be entered to WIN a package of FREE baby stuff from me!










**Know about more free pregnancy and maternity stuff? Let me know about it! Post it in the comments below!**

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