(Safe) Places in Edmonton to Trick or Treat

CANDY CHAOS!!!! Where to go and what to do? We got it here for you! I find that the malls really are the safest place. And when have you ever gone to the mall (and basically every store) to get FREE STUFF?! Well actually this one time I was at youth group we did a “Bigger or Better” night at the mall and we got free stuff from them mall…. But that’s another story for another time! First off – you’re not wearing a snow suit and freezing (HELLO BONUS!). Then, you can invite friends to come with and do some “parent stuff” after all the trick and treating has been completed. It’s calm, it’s simple and it does the trick! (no pun intended)

Some trick or treat events kick off even BEFORE the 31st:


Family Halloween Party! – October 29th

“Everyone welcome! Free admission! Drop-in games, prizes and snacks!”


Edmonton Mommylicious Sponsored by Alberta Transportation – October 29th

“Edmonton Mommylicious brought to you by Alberta Transporation
This FREE to Attend Family Fun Event comes t the Italian Cultural Centre, October 29, 2017!”


Trick or Treat a Gator at Martin Deerline – October 31st

“Stop by your local Martin Deerline in your Halloween costume and get a FREE small toy gator.”


Happy Haunting – October 31st

“This Halloween, come to Mill Woods Town Centre on Tuesday October 31 from 3pm – 6pm before a night of trick or treating for a fang-tastic experience of games and delicious treats at our 6 stations throughout the mall. This event is free for everyone.  Make sure you wear your costume!!”


World’s Largest Trick or Treat Festival – October 31st

“Enjoy trick or treating in a fun, safe and warm environment! Participants can pick up their candy bag and map at Guest Services or at any of the six pickup locations across the Mall. Participating retailers will also be handing out candy to little ones dressed in Halloween costumes.”

So what if you DO NOT like malls? What if that’s not your thing… There HAS to be something else! And there is!! Tons of neighbourhood communities LOVE the chance to have you come knocking at their door! Go to safe communities and make it a family walk. Be safe and have fun!!


Intergenerational Trick or Treating – October 31st

“This is a free event and no registration is required. Show up any time between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. in costume with a bucket or bag for collecting treats from our grandparent friends.”


Trunk or Treat – October 31st

“Warm yourself up by the fire and have a cup of hot chocolate. We will even have some hotdogs for you to munch on while the kids go from Trunk to Trunk collecting candy.”





**I’d love to see your kiddo’s (or yourself) in your cute costumes enjoying some FREEBIES! Share them on social media tagging @Saveymommy #Saveymommy**