Santa’s Parade of Lights Presented by Canadian Tire

I was contacted this week in regards to a FREE event that is happening on Jasper Ave on November 18th. Please PLEASE contact me if you have something FREE that you want to share. I absolutely LOVE spreading the word of FREEBIES and don’t you LOVE hearing about it?!

I just watched the youtube video of this event and I was like, “Ummm YES! Love it!” Have you been to Disneyland? You know how they do that lights parade like every night? This TOTALLY reminded me of that! Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!

Santa’s Parade of Lights

Presented by Canadian Tire

Christmas season is upon us, the wonder of winter is near,

Celebrate the glow of lights and express your Christmas cheer.

The arrival of Santa Claus and his bright, sparkly sleigh,

Is sure to bring smiles to everyone’s day.

Bundle up tight and gather downtown

To see the magic of Christmas erase any frowns.

The more the merrier, so bring everyone you know,

To stand under the lights and the fresh fallen snow!”






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