Sherwood Park – Pot of Gold

I have saved hundreds of dollars by looking for freebies in and around the city of Edmonton. I have saved thousands of dollars just by keeping my eyes open and knowing what to look for when searching for #freebies.

I recently signed my daughter up for some extra activities this year. I signed her up for a ten week dance class (1 time per week) and one month of taekwondo classes (3 times per week). How much did that cost me? Nothing. Zero $0.00!! It was FREE all free – a $250 savings.  But how you ask? Well we have found it! Its called Sherwood Park Pot-of-Gold. Not only are there kids #freebies but there are free oil changes, free spa sessions, free gel nails, free hair cuts, free tire rotation, free food, deals on food (like buy 1 get 1 free awesome deals). I highly highly HIGHLY suggest (but I wish I could force you) to get this gift pack. This is the best book of freebies anyone will ever suggest to you. I’m basically giving you $1,000 (besides the total book costing $60). So, your welcome in advance.

Be a saveymommy and treat yourself to something free today!