Summer Play Days @ the Disney Store

Every summer the Disney store puts on their Summer Play Days event. This event happens everyday at different times. You can call the desired location you want to attend at 10:00 am (when the store opens) to find out about the daily activity and time. Summer Play Days for 2015 has come to a close…

At the Summer Play Days event they can do multiple activities such as trivia challenge, the art of drawing, story time and more!



What is exciting about Summer Play Days is that you get to interact with the staff and characters shown at that event. You also get tons of freebies! This year (as well as previous years) they gave away blue disney lanyards which you are able to put your child’s name on along with different pins every week. This year was different because they focussed on the new movie Inside Out. This movie has memory balls in it so, thus fitting, they gave away memory balls (bouncy balls) with the Inside Out figures on them. Additionally they gave out trivia game cards at trivia events. I’m excited for next summer and all the freebies we can take part in daily!



There is so much more freebies and free experiences at the Disney store. Every morning there is the grand opening ceremonies! Every morning the first child that is waiting at the Disney store is able to open the store. What does that mean? The key to the Disney store that is kept in the big glass cabinet behind the check out is presented to the lucky child and they “awake the store” and turn the key! The lights go on and the day goes completely as normal however your child has had this magical moment that they can forever hold onto. Because of the great assistance with the store opening by your child, it is hard work, the child is presented with their very own identical key to take  home with them!






One could basically spend all day at Disney because of the free things to do there. They also have really great deals that are even cheeper that you would find at other stores. Sales on clothing, shoes, stuffed animals ect. I’m glad to shop there and know that I am getting a great deal.