Free Events this week you Don’t want to miss!

Summer-time can be SUPER expensive. There’s carnivals, summer camp, special events, weddings the list goes on!! It is now mid-August and exhaustion can hit from all the summer activities that one may have dove into. You feel like you’re clawing up a hill still wanting to enjoy summer but your slipping fast into September. There Read more about Free Events this week you Don’t want to miss![…]

#Disneyland #Freebies yes we did! #FreebieFriday

Before we let to Disneyland we joined the Disney Movie Rewards club. There was a deal were we could get Disney movies for like $5 / $1 if we (in a years time) bought three regular priced Disney movies. We thought that was a pretty sweet deal and took advantage of that. In doing so Read more about #Disneyland #Freebies yes we did! #FreebieFriday[…]