The Ultimate SaveyMommy New Year’s Baby

I started this 4th pregnancy 3rd child journey off only hoping for a happy healthy baby. I didn’t think of anything else pertaining to this pregnancy at all. Then, I found out that Kate Middleton and I had the exact same due dates! Well actually I had two due dates… December 13th (which came and went) and December 25th. I was SUPER EXCITED that both Kate and I had the same due dates!! Not only that but our wardrobe seemed to be on the same track. (see photo below #whoworeitbest)


Then after December 25th came and went – it hit me. THE NEWS YEARS BABY! Have you ever heard of what the women who have the New Years baby receive? Who knew that one day or another (or should I say year over another and really minute over another) could have such a significant impact?!


On they briefly answer what the New Year’s Baby may get saying “lots of media attention and possibly a prize”. Last last year (2015) Grey Nuns hospital had the New Year’s Baby – check out the story here!


You can also read “The Fleeting Fame of the New Year’s Baby” where thousands of dollars in gifts were given away in the past.


So did we end up having the New Year’s Baby? Edmonton’s 2017 New Year’s baby is truly a bundle of Joy – Check out the news report here! SPOILER ALERT!!! We did not. Our son was born on December 30th which is still fantastic. The labour and delivery was only 4 hours so nothing to complain about.

Talking about little bundle, if you are pregnant or know of someone who is and haven’t checked out my blog post on the FREEBIES that you can get – please check it out here and pass it on.


So although we didn’t have a Christmas baby nor did we get the ultimate experience of getting the New Year’s baby, we did get what we originally set out for – a healthy pregnancy, easy delivery and happy baby. And in the end (or should I say our sons beginning) that is all we could have hoped for!


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