Want to go to #Disneyland 4 #free here’s how we did!

I am so excited to be finally doing a Disneyland trip!! I think everyone who eventually gets to travel to Disneyland feels that some part of their travelling experiences are finally complete. And do you know what the BEST part was? We went and stayed there for FREE! Continue reading to find out more!!!….


Don’t stress! I originally thought that going to Disneyland would take YEARS of saving and saving and not being able to buy somethings because we are SAVING FOR DISNEYLAND!!!! But that really was not the case. Every year or every other year (depending on what is happening in our lives) we travel somewhere – I mean able to FLY somewhere. Why is this you ask? As some people NEVER GO ANYWHERE. Well first off, make sure you realize that vacations need to be a priority in your life, marriage and or really all relationships! I grew up going on family vacations twice a year! So, travelling is just in my blood. Make time for those you care about and YOURSELF! Give yourself that mental break and make those life long memories… Time is something you will never get back so INVEST it – don’t WASTE it!


My husband and I have travelled all over the world both together and apart. We have been on different airlines and have had different and the same experiences. My favourite airline is hands down WestJet. Seriously I love them SO MUCH that I own WestJet luggage. Right now searching on WestJet if you are looking to fly to California for 5 days with 2 adults, 1 child and an infant for five days it is going to cost you (on the cheap side) $2,400.00 and (on the more not cheap side) $2,900.00. That’s not even including hotel! So lets add a hotel! At the Carousel Hotel (I’m choosing this hotel as it is right across from the park – super easy walking distance so save that money for NO transportation to and from the parks) for 4 nights would cost around (on the cheap side) $600.00 and (on the not so cheap side) $1,200.00. And I’m talking American money!!! So lets add this up… To “cheap it” to Disneyland would cost your family of 4 either around $3,000.00 OR around $4,100.00! That’s not even including transportation, FOOD, Disneyland park tickets, souvenirs ect. So really you might as well throw another two thousand dollars on top making your vacation around $5,000.00 – $6,000.00. Six thousand dollars can do a lot. Just imagine what you could do with Six thousand dollars! Renovations, your kids car, the shopping, the list can go on! But, we are talking about a vacation right now – and right now someone is spending $6,000.00 (plus) to go to Disneyland! And to tell you the truth I was expecting our trip to cost around $10,000.00 and the good news is it didn’t even come CLOSE to that! #WhatWasIThinking

Here is how we flew and stayed at Disneyland for free!



A couple years ago my husband heard about the new RBC WestJet MasterCard. (I can honestly say I wish that we had gotten this earlier) Basically if you love to travel or are the type of person who does vacations yearly then this credit card is hand down FOR YOU! (Have you read my previous blog post about this?)



“Enjoy a welcome bonus of $50 WestJet dollars with your first purchase

With a WestJet RBC MasterCard you earn WestJet dollars* on everyday purchases and then you can redeem them like cash towards the cost of any WestJet flight or WestJet Vacations package, at any time, for travel to any WestJet destination – even during seat sales! Apply now to take off sooner and:

  • Receive a welcome bonus of $50 WestJet dollars with your first purchase.

  • Earn 1% back in WestJet dollars on every purchase you make with your card.

  • Earn 1.5% in WestJet dollars when you purchase WestJet flights or WestJet Vacations packages using your card.

  • Enjoy Insurance Coverages, such as Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance.

  • Redeem any amount of WestJet dollars, at any time. One WestJet dollar is worth one Canadian dollar when redeemed for travel with WestJet or WestJet Vacations.

  • Fly to any one of WestJet’s 80 destinations in Canada, the U.S., Mexico or the Caribbean. Travel whenever you want, with no blackout periods or seat restrictions.”


It’s FREE to Join WestJet rewards (so totally join) earn unto $250 WestJet dollars as a welcome bonus (we did!) AND IT GETS BETTER! (see below)

“WestJet RBC® World Elite MasterCard

Turn everyday purchases~ into WestJet dollars.

Double dip by adding your WestJet Rewards ID when you book with WestJet and earn up to 5% back in WestJet dollars, on top of the 2% you earn with the card.†† That’s up to 7% back in WestJet dollars!

What you can look forward to…

250250 WestJet dollars as a welcome bonus^

99%Annual round-trip companion voucher from $99 (plus taxes, fees and charges)^

First checked bag free for the primary cardholder and up to 8 additional guests on the same reservation

2%Back in WestJet dollars on WestJet flights or WestJet Vacations packages~

1.5%Back WestJet dollars on everyday purchases~

Enjoy premium travel insurance options

Annual round-trip companion voucher. Anytime. Any seat.


Travel to Canada and the Continental US for $99 (plus taxes, fees and charges)^


Travel to Hawaii, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean for $299 (plus taxes, fees and charges)^


Travel to anywhere WestJet flies in Europe for $399 (plus taxes, fees and charges)^”













So the BIG questions: “How did we fly and stay for free?”


Going back to the cost of the family of four… It would only cost us using our $99 WestJet companion fee around $1,600.00 to fly there and lets face it I choose the $600 room! So our total cost WOULD HAVE been around $2,200.00. However! We used our WestJet dollars (dollar for dollar) to pay completely for our flight and the companion fee and our accommodations! Costly our family of 4 only the taxes (thanks Caesar!) coming to a total of around $400.


WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND FOR ONLY $400?!??! That’s how we did it!



Oh and Ps: we saw SnoopDog







**Want to win some sweet Disneyland swag? Stay tuned in my next blog post for some Disneyland freebies!!**