12 Days of #Blogmas – Day 11

On the 11th day of #Blogmas my true love gave to me… 11 Holiday Traditions


Different families have different traditions. In our house we eat the same breakfast on Christmas (morning) every year!

Christmas Breakfast  – Every years it’s the same delicious meal! We call it Christmas Breakfast. It’s bread with the crusts cut off, then layers of different sliced meats and cheeses then eggs with salt and pepper poured over. This then sits overnight. In the morning, before putting in the oven (350/375 for like 45 min), you crunch up rise crispies and put that on top. Bake bake bake #yumyumyum

Swedish Angels Candles – We absolutely CANNOT eat until we light these candles. The angels have to be placed a certain way for them to ding the bells and turn.

Swedish Ring – I’ve never baked this myself because (sorry mom) I don’t like it! I do not like maraschino cherries and this has them! (Check out the recipe here)

Reading the Christmas Story before opening presents – It is always important to remember why we meet together as a family and what the most important gift is. That is why my father grabs the Bible and reads the Christmas Story – birth of Jesus from Luke 2. (read my blog here about 8 Christmas photos)

Singing Christmas Carols – My mother loves Christmas carols. So we sing! (until she’s done)

Early shopping – Backing it up a little (or 3 months), I start shopping and getting Christmas ideas in September. I create a list of things that I want or that my family wants and I look for the best deal!


Eating my sisters’ Lefse – My sister is committed to continuing my Swedish Grandma’s tradition of having lefse at Christmas. Order yours from the Lefse House in Camrose! (read my blog post about some yummy Christmas Baking here)

Always LOOSE weight at Christmas time – Eating way too much with my family then continuing to eat all. day. long! That’s all we do is eat and eat and EAT. And it’s so good! But the truth is… I have always LOST weight at Christmas time! Probably because I keep up with my tradition of “grazing” and don’t stuff myself with 7 giant plateful at once. Try grazing this Christmas and let me know how it works!


Letting my kids decorate the Christmas tree – As a child I loved decorating the tree. It didn’t matter what type of decorations were on the tree or how the tree was decorated but I loved decorating. I wanted my kids to feel the same way especially when my daughter’s eyes lit up when asking. I take out the decorations from the bin and hand them to her. See loves decorating! I only put on a few that mean a lot to me. (Check out a tour my Christmas tree here)

Buying secret gifts for my husband – My husband and I technically don’t give each other gifts. When we start shopping in the fall we’ll buy things that are needed that we wanted and say “Merry Christmas”. But every year I try to sneak a gift or two that he doesn’t know about! (SHHHHHH!!! He could be reading this)


Trying to “penny pinch” but buy everything I want – When you’re in the business of FREE sometimes you have to settle for a really good deal. My two year old daughter wanted a watch. (Mainly because her other one broke.) But instead of just buying her any old watch I wanted to get her what she wanted! First off I asked her what colour and type of watch she wanted. (This is a two year old now) She then said that she wanted a purple elephant watch. Ok…. So off I went in search of this “purple elephant watch”. I stopped at Clairs because usually they have some girls funky things so obviously I thought that they would have this! After specifically asking the sales lady for a purple elephant watch her overly happy smile turned frown and then said that that was VERY specific! (I thought that was a good thing) Their watches were $22.00 – $22.00! No. So I looked online and guess what?! I found it!!! And (*cough cough*) for a quarter of the cost.


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