12 Days of #Blogmas – Day 10

On the 10th day of #Blogmas my true love gave to me… 10 Wishlist Items!!


This year I started Christmas shopping for myself early (I tend to do this every year anyways) but I either saw a really good deal or I really needed something “at that moment”. I big part of my love language is gifts. So when someone hands me a gift not only do I accept it but I also feel really valued that they thought of me and bought something for me. It’s a lovely feeling! My 10 Wishlist items this Christmas have got to be some really amazing finds that I’ve stumbled across this year.


Mermaid Blanket

Mermaid blankets are a really BIG craze and have been for a few years now. Last year we bought our daughter a mermaid blanket from Justice at Kingsway and I’ve been wanting one too. It’s definitely on my wishlist! (read all about the cute things you can buy for your Mermaid LovER here)


Stud Earings

A cute pair of kitty stud earrings are SUPER cute! Kittens are every littles girls favourite. This year I’m definitely feeling like embracing my childhood loves. I guess the downfall would be that if the earrings turned upside down they could look like a pokemon! Haha (Have you found FREE pokerocks? Check out my blog post here to see how you can)


Wifey Sweater

I absolutely want a “Wifey” sweater! I just love them! I saw some tank tops in the summer that said “Wifey” and really was grovin’ them. Plus it’s winter and sweaters are a MUST – It’s FREEZING OUT! (Read my blog post about 10 FREE Things to do in your House because it’s Freezing out here)


Makeup from Arbonne “Beauty” by Melody

“Arbonne transforms lives through pure, botanically based ingredients in scientifically tested products; a pure, healthy lifestyle; and the pure joy of helping others.” This 10 in 1 Cc cream is a definite Wishlist item because It can be a “one and done” makeup. (Save that money honey!)

USB Orb Essential Oil Diffuser 

These are SUPER handy! (And cheeper then a full diffuser) For a fraction of the cost of a large diffuser these minis can go anywhere! Plug it in at your computer at work or have it attached to your TV even put in in your vehicle! The perfect discreet size and easily portable! And since your saying money on a diffuser you might as well pick up an essential oils diffuser necklace! The ones from Amazon are sturdy and WAY WAY cheaper! You will not be unhappy. (Check out who I buy YL oils from HERE and tell them I sent you)


Almost Perfect Chocolates 

Did you know that there is a standard for how chocolates are to look and those that are not “perfect” get tossed… Into the “Almost Perfect” bags! Yes really! Get a discount on your Purdy’s chocolate this year (yes serious discount) because no one will be looking at it under a microscope. Looking for gifts for like 8 different people but want to keep the cost down without cutting the product? Purchase an “Almost Perfect Chocolates” case! Be aware though that it is cheaper buying them in-store unless you get free shipping!


Family Celebrations Board

I have looked at Family Celebrations boards for a while now and I REALLY want one! Last Christmas I wanted a family growth chart and while driving to go pick it up I started having contractions with my son (read my blog about it here). So this year I laughed in saying “I will not go into labour this time! They are beautiful and make a perfect gift for any family because it is something that can be up all year round and for those who “forget dates” no excuse now!


Winter Lounge Pants  

You are bound to be at home for some part of Christmas break so why not pick up a pair of lounge pants?! They are cute and oh so comfortable! Absolutely on my Wishlist! Because if i’m not wearing them during Christmas break i’ll definitely be wearing them all. year. long! YES YES YES! (please) Obviously Chic has ongoing deals so wait for the deal and items you want and go for it! (and they have rewards for cash off stuff!!)


Messy Bun Hat


I literally just blogged about how this is a YES item (read all about my 7 winter accessories blog post here). If you have long hair (mom or not) getting a “mom bun hat” or messy bun hat is a total score! Pick your’s up (Bonnyville made) here. Keep your cute bun without cramming a hat over it! #worst


and my last item on my list… well it doesn’t exist!

2017 Mickey and Minni Mouse Snow Globe

Every year since my husband and I met we have bought a Mickey and Minni Mouse snow globe at Christmas time. I have NO IDEA what was up with Disney this year but they decided to make a Frozen Olaf globe and it just isn’t the same. When you go from “look how cute these two are doing Christmas cute things together” #dramaticsign to WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH HIS FACE?! No, it just wrecks continuing that tradition! (see picture below) So I truly do wish for a 2017 Mickey and Minni Mouse Snow Globe.


Wanting someone special to bring you something special this year? I’d love to hear about it! Post it in the comments below (then maybe share this blog with them so you get it). Merry Christmas!!



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